New Unlock iPhone 4 6.1 Software Released For Download

The idea of purchasing iPhone along with expensive carrier contract is a disappointment for many smart phone users who wish to travel frequently. Even though you have to purchase a contract from a network contractor to get your phone working, taking away the choice with respect to carrier is not likable. iPhones will work only with the contracted provider and you can’t use local SIM cards even if you go to a foreign country. This means that you are forced to pay expensive international roaming rates if you want to use your iPhone in another country. The freedom of choosing any network operator motivates people to go for iPhone 4 unlock. Once unlocked, you can use your iPhone with any local SIM card in foreign countries. You can even use a prepaid SIM card and save money every time while making calls and sending texts. The network operators now offer competitive rates and you can choose a custom plan that fits your bill once you Unlock iPhone 4 6.1. Continue reading →