New Unlock iPhone 4 6.1 Software Released For Download

The idea of purchasing iPhone along with expensive carrier contract is a disappointment for many smart phone users who wish to travel frequently. Even though you have to purchase a contract from a network contractor to get your phone working, taking away the choice with respect to carrier is not likable. iPhones will work only with the contracted provider and you can’t use local SIM cards even if you go to a foreign country. This means that you are forced to pay expensive international roaming rates if you want to use your iPhone in another country. The freedom of choosing any network operator motivates people to go for iPhone 4 unlock. Once unlocked, you can use your iPhone with any local SIM card in foreign countries. You can even use a prepaid SIM card and save money every time while making calls and sending texts. The network operators now offer competitive rates and you can choose a custom plan that fits your bill once you Unlock iPhone 4 6.1.

Can You Unlock iPhone 4 on iOS 6.1 Firmware?

Before searching for how to Unlock iPhone 4 6.1, you should try to learn about the challenges and risks you may have to face. This will prepare you for the worst case and so, you don’t have to panic if something goes wrong. The SIM lock placed by Apple is entirely software based and so, it is possible to bypass this lock. Many network operators will be willing to remove this lock once you complete the contract period in good standing. However, it won’t be beneficial for you because when a new iPhone is in the market why should you continue using an older model just because you can unlock it. Moreover, service providers will show least interest in unlocking iPhone 4 as they don’t make profit with unlocked phones. The idea of getting unlocked by network operator is a ruled out option due to this reason.

You need to jailbreak iPhone 4 on 6.1 first to unlock it, however the solution weios 6.1 unlocking suggest does everything automatically. Jailbreaking is the process of removing Apple’s restrictions which prevent you from downloading any third party software. Software unlock is essentially a third party code that needs to be run on jailbroken phone. Unlocking software you use should help you with jailbreaking as well. Otherwise, you will have to look for a separate software to jailbreak your device. It will be much easier if you only have to use one software for both jailbreaking and unlocking of your iPhone.

While choosing software method for unlocking, you need to ensure that you choose the right tool. There are freeware tools that can help you with unlock, but these tools have serious limitations. You can only run older iOS firmware if you are to use these free tools. There is no point in owning the best smart phone in the industry if you are not able to exploit its full potential. Apple pushes frequent iOS updates to fix security issues and improve performance. You can’t afford to miss out on these updates just because you are using an incompetent software to Unlock iPhone 4 6.1.

Steps For How to Unlock iPhone 4 6.1

The secret to successful unlock lies with the software you choose to unlock the iPhone 4. There should be no risk in using the software and the provider should give you such a guarantee. Trusting a software that comes with money back guarantee is a good idea because you know that no one is going to rip you off. It is also wise to read reviews and information about the software you are about to use because only when the software works for others, you can hope that it will work for you.

Step 1: Visit this website and download reputable software to your desktop.

Step 2: Follow the prompts on the software and choose whether you want to perform these steps manually, or have the software do it for you.

Step 3: Keep following the instructions on screen until you are able to find Cydia on your spring board.

Step 4: Launch Cydia from spring board.

Step 5: Tap on Sources -> Edit -> Add.

Step 6: Search for and add this repository.

Step 7: Search again for SAM software to Unlock iPhone 4 6.1.

Step 8: Once it is installed, go to SAM preferences and choose your country name and carrier name.

Step 9: In the space provided, paste the IMSI number of your iPhone.

Step 10: Launch iTunes and deactivate your iPhone.

Step 11: Launch iTunes again and activate your iPhone again.

Step 12: Reboot iPhone and insert a new SIM card.

Step 13: If you are able to get a signal on your phone, then you have successfully unlocked the phone. If not, try to re-activate the phone and keep changing SAM preferences.

The Software we recommend will perform these steps for you.

For unlocking your iPhone 4 safely, you have to understand that purchase of the right software is essential. When you pay for the third party software, you are paying for future updates and technical support. With the support team, you can clarify your doubts and seek help when you run into trouble. Moreover, trusted third party software is completely reversible, meaning that you can remove unlocking any time you want. Reliable Unlock iPhone 4 6.1 software will allow you to update iOS firmware as soon as it is released because the software is updated immediately to reflect changes. You don’t have to worry about voiding your phone’s warranty when you use software unlocking method. Anyone without any technical knowledge can easily unlock the iPhone using this software as long as you are able to follow simple English instructions.

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