Simple steps to unlock your Apple iPhone 4 iOS6

If you are an owner of iPhone 4, you must be a center of attraction among your friends and there might even be people jealous of you as the smartphone is really very stylish and attractive. However, there comes a time when every iPhone owner goes for unlock because of the benefits that await him. The same holds true forĀ unlock iphone 4 that has become very popular these days.

Cell phone unlocking is a process that is as old as iPhones and is an attempt by hackers and developers to make the iPhone more functional. It also gives freedom to the iPhone user to download and install applications from the outside. Now this is unthinkable as Apple allows its customer to get apps only from its app store as it charges money for the apps. This is irritating for iPhone owners but they cannot do a thing except going for unlock.

Reasons To Unlock Your Phone:unlock iphone

Apple makes provisions in the software so as to not allow the downloading and installation f new apps from outside. However, it is possible for hackers and developers to take advantage of loopholes in the software and make amendments (read tweaking) so as to remove these restrictions imposed by Apple. unlock also happens to be the first step towards unlocking that is the final aim of all iPhone owners.

Unlocking your iPhone provides freedom to get away from the high tariff plans of the carrier who also charges hefty roaming fees. All this has made unlock iphone 4 very popular these days. One can find thousands of searches for a safe and reliable unlocking tool for their devices. Customization of the gadget and the ability to make use of new apps is indeed very alluring for the owners of iPhones. Sensing the craze for a unlocking tool among iPhone owners, many websites have mushroomed that claim to provide easy solutions for unlocking.

However, if you are a newbie or have no knowledge of the principle behind unlocking, it is better to stay away from such websites. There have been innumerable instances where owners of iPhones have caused damage to their devices while performing the process on their gadgets because of error on their part.

Unlocking an iPhone 4 on iOS6 firmware:
Redsn0w is one company that has become very popular among iPhone owners as it has been not only providing tools for unlocking iPhones with different basebands but also updating its firmware and providing patches to needy customers. This has certainly been the trend with early iPhone models. Of late, there has been lot of talk of an exciting new tool from the company that has been used by many iPhone 4 owners to achieve unlock for their devices. The following is a step by step process to achieve unlock using this tool in tethered mode for your iPhone 4.

  • Step 1: Make a backup copy of your phone by downloading the latest version of iTunes and installing it on your computer
  • Step 2: Get updated unlock software and launch it after unzipping
  • Step 3: Press unlock on the software after instructing it to install Cydia on the phone
  • Step 4: Connect the iPhone with the computer through USB
  • Step 5: Put the phone n DFU mode and turn off Wi-Fi
  • Step 6: wait and let the firmware perform its operations of unlock
  • Step 7: Just go on performing the tasks as suggested by the software
  • Step 8: Switch the phone off and reboot again after waiting for a few seconds
  • Step 9: If you see Cydia installed, your Phone 4 has achieved unlock

Finding the right solution for unlock iphone 4
If you feel that you do not understand even a small bit of entire procedure of unlock, it is prudent to not try unlock on your own with the help of free tools available on the internet. This is because most of the websites or the companies claiming to have effective tools for unlocking are nothing more than scams. You know it when you see the instructions provided on the website but this obviously takes some knowledge of unlock on your part.

You must make efforts to get to a safe unlock iphone 4 tool. This is possible if you are a member of forums were unlock and unlock processes are discussed by members who also give their comments and remarks. It is always better to pay a small fee to have peace of mind as the company provides back up support and you know that you will not suffer from any damage to your expensive gadget.

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