How To Unlock iOS6 iPhone 4/4S Models

The new iOS6 release from Apple made it much harder for users to get full access to their phones and created the recent rush to unlock iOS6 iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices on the updated firmware version. Unlocking is a term that has become very popular these days, and not without a reason. Most iPhone owners, if not all, can be seen looking for safe tools to achieve unlock for their devices. Unlocking brings in its wake a number of benefits for the user, the most important being savings that accrue in the form of monthly bills. Apple, the maker of iPhones, has detested changes that are made to the iOS by the hackers in the name of unlocking. It earlier issued veiled threats to customers who attempted unlocking. At the same time, it tried to better the phone to lure customers away from unlocking. But the large numbers of customers trying for Unlock iOS6 iPhone 4 suggests that there is more to unlocking than meets the eyes.

Challenges of Unlocking Your iPhone 4 on iOS6

To make things easier for the readers, it is better to let them know that unlocking is merely reversing the process of locking that Apple indulges in before letting the devices go in the hands of customers from the carrier. The major reason for locking the phone is to prevent customers from using the SIM cards of other service providers as Apple needs to recover the balance cost of the device it sells at such low rates. This is why Phones are not GSM but CDMA phones and any attempt to use any other SIM proves futile as the phone just does not work. Unlocking removes this restriction placed upon the device by Apple.

The process to Unlock iOS6 iPhone 4 is basically an attempt to introduce ios 6 unlockingchanges in the operating system of the phone so that it readily accept the SIM of another carrier. As is known, a smartphone functions on the basis of its operating system, and with unlocking it gets a new set of instructions that allow the user to insert a new SIM. It is thus clear that unlocking can be done by anyone with a basic knowledge about iOS.

A5 chipset and the ability Unlock iOS6 iPhone 4

Though unlocking iOS6 firmware has been declared legal by the authorities, Apple knows the importance of checking this activity as it is hurt financially by it. Any customer that achieves unlock is free from the clutches of the carrier that sells the device. This means that he can now save money in the form of low rentals and also low roaming charges. Another way Apple is hurt financially is by way of losing on the money it receives when customers download apps and music from the app store and iTunes. But once they unlock their iOS6 phones, they can download apps, wallpapers and themes from anywhere on the internet and are no longer dependent upon app store.

Sensing loss all the way, Apple has introduced a chipset near the processor of iPhone 4 to make it difficult for the hackers to decode iOS 6.0.1 versions this time around. The ploy seems to have worked as so far there has been no breakthrough reported by any dev team. But if one conducts a search for Unlock iOS6 iPhone 4, he finds dozens of companies ready to perform the process on his gadget in exchange for a small amount of money. Unfortunately, the majority of them sell a scam and you need to be careful of the product you purchase. There are third party solutions to help people unlock their iPhone 4 ios6. Here is a step by step tutorial to save you the hassle:

  1. Download and install the only working tool for iOS6 FROM HERE
  2. Go through the prompts inside the software until it tells you to launch Cydia
  3. Get to sources, edit, and then add
  4. Choose as your app repository
  5. Download and install SAM, the software that performs unlock
  6. You are prompted to give your country name and your carrier name
  7. You also need to copy and paste the IMSI number of the phone
  8. Deactivate the device and then try reactivation through iTunes
  9. Close Tunes, switch off and then reboot the phone
  10. if you see the signals of the new carrier, you have an unlocked phone

Choose the right solution for unlocking iPhone 4 iOS6 phones
Owners of iPhones know they are using an expensive gadget. It is really not prudent to rush to make use of just about any tool for unlocking the Apple iPhone, especially when it is no secret that Apple has made unlocking of iPhone 4 difficult. There have been unfortunate people who have got their devices damaged as they made mistakes while following the instructions of companies providing tools for the purpose. It is thus better to be patient and find a dependable and efficient tool to achieve unlock for your phone, such as the one mentioned in step 1!

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